Hi, I’m Sameer.

I’m interested in Humanoid Robots, Human-Robot Interaction, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Embodiment and Body-Ownership Illusions.

I’m currently the campus programme coordinator for the MSc. Robotics programme and senior lecturer at the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics, Middlesex University Dubai. I also head the Immersive VRX Lab at the university. My main research interests deal with investigating the behavioural, attitudinal and implicit effects of having an illusion of body ownership over a virtual or robotic body that’s different from one’s own.


Top News

PhD Work with Robothespian on Display at Centre of Contemporary Culture Barcelona
Presented Research Study Exploring Impact of Instructors’ Gender and Race on Perceived Learning at 10th European Conference on Education
Interview in ‘Emirates Woman’ magazine about the Metaverse
Research paper titled: ‘A Virtual Reality Embodiment Technique to Enhance Helping Behavior of Police Toward a Victim of Police Racial Aggression’ published in Presence
Featured in an article in The New Yorker – Are We Already Living in Virtual Reality
Fear of Heights and VReflectMe projects featured in The Guardian

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