PhD Work with Robothespian on Display at Centre of Contemporary Culture Barcelona

[First two images courtesy Mel Slater @melslater]

Work that I carried out during my PhD at the EventLab is now on display as part of Brain(s), an exhibition at the Centre of Contemporary Culture Barcelona (CCCB). The exhibition explores humankind’s ongoing fascination with the brain and how history, art, science and philosophy have studied and represented the minds of both human and artificial beings.

This research project was developed as part of my PhD at the EventLab, Universitat de Barcelona. I developed a telepresence system using the Robothespian as part of the European project, BEAMING. The system allowed participants to ’embody’ a remotely located humanoid robot in real-time and interact with the destination and people in the physical location of the robot.

The conference is in Barcelona¬†until 11 December 2022, catch it if you’re visiting the city!