I completed my PhD at the EventLab, University of Barcelona with Prof. Mel Slater, where I worked on developing systems that allowed me to investigate the implications of body ownership over remotely located robots and applied this technology to various real-world situations. I was awarded a three-year pre-doctorate FI grant from the Government of Catalonia, Spain for carrying out my PhD.

Following that, I spent a year as a post-doctoral researcher at the EventLab, where I worked on a research project studying the effect of appearance of a virtual body on the higher-level cognitive functioning and implicit behaviours in immersive virtual reality.

Prior to moving to Dubai, I was the Head of Medical Rehabilitation and VR Innovation at Virtual Bodyworks, Barcelona, where I was involved in developing commercial VR applications for tackling personal and societal issues, such as domestic violence, racial bias and treatment of phobias.

I have an MSc in Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging from University College London, UK and a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in computer science from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Dubai.